Sunday, January 30, 2011

My facebook addiction.

Hello.  My name is Tiffany and I'm a facebookaholic. 

Sad, but true.  I don't know why I am constantly at my computer checking to see if I got new notifications.  Or why I check it from my cell phone.  Always updating my status with sometimes witty, but mostly boring posts. 

My newest fb obsession... CityVille.  Yes I mean obsession.  I actually get pissed off when I run out of energy and can't do anymore things until it builds up again. 

I wonder if they have meetings for fb addicts like me.  But then I would be too embarrassed to go.  So the only known therapy that I can think of is quitting cold turkey.  But I don't want to actually quit.  Maybe just cut back a lot.  It takes a lot of time away from my kids, who after all, are the most important people in my life.   

So here is the deal.  I am going to cut back to logging onto fb to twice a day TOTAL.  Once in the morning, and once in the evening before I go to bed and after the kids are asleep.  That way I don't miss out on all the happenings if everyone's life.  BUT, if anyone needs to get ahold of me, message me and I will give you my cell number so you can text me.  (I hate talking on the phone, although I have gotten better about it the last few months.)  So yeah, that's my challenge to myself. 

BUT.  Since my husband is deployed, most of the time we talk on fb chat, if I need to login more than twice a day to talk to him then I will.  This is in no way cheating, but taking a golden opportunity to talk to my handsome man. 

Well, here goes...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Random acts of kindness.

Well we just got back from a wonderful weekend in Arkansas visiting a friend I haven't seen in years.  It was so nice to catch up, hang out, and just be myself.  I am so looking forward to the next visit. 

So this morning I decide to stop off and get breakfast with the kids before we hit the road.  I was actually looking for a Cracker Barrell but one didn't show up on my gps so we went to the Waffle House instead. 
I walk in with all three kids in tow and sit down at the last booth.  I notice an older lady sitting at the booth next to ours.  She looked at me and smiled and I returned the smile, then she went back to her crossword puzzle without saying a word to me. 

The kids and I sat and ate our meal, chit chatted with the waitresses and what not.  I did notice that the lady got up, paid, and left.  A little while later I asked the waitress for our check.  She walks over to the register, I figured she was getting our total, then walks back to our table and says our check was already paid for.  I was dumbfounded.  I looked at the waitress and asked What?  She said, "Yeah, one of our regular customers already took care of your check."  I'm still confused at this point.  Looking around trying to figure out who could have done it.  I then asked her who.  She shook her head.  I asked if it was the lady sitting next to us and she nodded.  I finally asked why.  The waitress told me it was because I had reminded her of when she was younger and would take her three kids to breakfast while her husband was at work.  My kids were so happy and well behaved that it touched her heart.  This blew my mind.  It made me cry.  I have never had anyone do something so kind and sweet.  She was the one who touched my heart.  Something as simple as someone else paying for your meal makes you realize there still are some nice people in this world. 

So I encourage everyone to do a random act of kindness.  Pay for someone's coffee, help them pump their gas, anything.  I thought about this our whole drive home and continue to sit and wonder if this nice lady knows how sweet that was and how much it truely meant to me. 

I am excited to return the favor, to do my random act.  I don't know when it will be and I don't know where, but I WILL do it. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

The night before his homecoming.

I know this is a few months early but I couldn't help myself!! LOL

'Twas the night before homecoming, when all trough the house
Not a creature was stirring, except me, I was nervous.
My new outfit was hung in the closet with care,
In hopes that my Airman soon would be there.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of hugs and kisses from daddy danced in their heads.
I decided to lay down and rest for awhile,
Tomorrow is an exciting day, we will be there in style. 

When out on my night stand there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
I flip open my phone and look at the time,
Oh my goodness we over slept!
We are running behind!!

Away to the closet I flew like a flash.
Pulled on my new jeans, and a top to match.

I run to get the children whom are already awake.
Big sister had dressed them, she fixed my mistake!

We pile in the truck to head to his work.
We are minutes away, I might go bezerk!

The kids are all dressed in their new tshirts looking snazzy,
reading "Get out of my way, I'm here to get my daddy!"

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But the blue van carrying our Airman!  It's here! 

I stood back and watched as the kids jumped up and down
I'll give them their moment, I can wait my turn for now. 

More rapid than eagles his courses they came,
He whistled and shouted and called them by name,
Hey Reyes, Hey Emma, and Hailey too,
Come give daddy a kiss, oh boy I've missed you.

He kisses each baby and holds them so tight.
They hug him back with all of their might. 

He stands up and looks at me, I have tears in my eyes.
He wraps his arms around me, I let out a sigh.
Safe in my arms, my man is finally here.
Now I know, I have nothing to fear.

We pile in the truck for the drive to our house
He pulls in the driveway to see the signs the kids made.
"Welcome home daddy, we missed you so much!
Now take out the trash, mommy needs a nap!" 

-Tiffany Encinias 2011

It's not the best but I thought it was cute!  I did write this and feel free to share it if you like, but keep my name on it if you don't mind. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I cried today...

He's been gone for 3 months.  We are almost half way there.  But today I cried.  I wasn't a blubbering baby, a few tears, but it's the first time I have done so since he left. 

I managed to hold it all together thru Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  How?  I'm not sure.  Probably because I wanted to keep my happy face on for the kids.  Those 3 kids have kept me going these last three months.  Without them I would have probably stayed in bed for days at a time.  But every morning I am forced to get up and face the day.  They are the source of my strength. 

We have been lucky enough for his deployed locations to be "safe" places.  No hostile fire or such.  Which greatly puts my mind at ease.  Don't get me wrong, I worry like hell.  But not half as much as I would if he were somewhere else. 

My tears where a little frustration, a little excitement, and a little sadness.  When I look at our three kids I see how much he is missing.  How much they have grown in just the short time he has been away.  I miss his arms around me.  I miss his sweet kisses.  I miss the smell of his skin.  The kids miss rough housing with their daddy.  They also miss his great big hugs and kisses. 

The life of an Air Force family isn't an easy one.  There are many ups and downs.  Many sleepless nights and sad days.  But somehow we find that strength deep down inside that gets us thru.  And because of that hidden strength we are able to pick up and carry on.  A video chat is the highlight of our day.  Seeing his handsome face and knowing he is doing fine does a world of wonders for the soul. 

The days before the deployment arrives you are ready to get rid of him.  He is getting on your nerves so bad you could strangle him.  But then the morning arrives.  You look into the eyes of the man you fell madly in love with and wonder how in the hell you are going to make it 6 months without him.  You pled with him to stay, but know he has a job to do.  A job that wasn't his first choice.  A job that he chose as a way to support his family.  You know he doesn't want to go but he has to.  He knows he has to.  So you put on your big girl undies and deal with it.  You take him to his work to drop him off.  You can feel the tears but manage to hold them back.  You stand around hearing to all the higher ups talk but are not really listening to the words they are saying.  It's time to load the van.  Your heart is racing.  He is really about to leave.  You look at the faces of your kids knowing they do not fully understand what is going on.  He hugs you.  He kisses you.  He holds onto the 3 babies the two of you have created together.  He stands up, looks into your eyes and says he will see you soon.  You cannot hold the tears anymore.  But just a few fall.  He drives away.  You are left motionless.  Almost disbelief.  You stand there and watch until you can no longer see the van.  He is gone.  You are suddenly snapped back to reality by one of the kids saying they are hungry.  Your life as a temporary mother and father has begun.  Emotions run high for the next few days as you await the call or email saying they are in country, now you can begin your count down to his arrival home.

We are 52% complete.  I can't wait to see his face.  I'll try not to cry but I know that will probably not happen. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To breast feed in public or not... that is the question.

It makes me wonder why this subject is so controversial.  All women have breasts.  All babies need to eat.  We all need to eat.  So why is it not disgusting for people to sit in a public area eating their burgers and it is for a baby to be drinking their milk right from the tap? 

I've gone back and forth with this a few times myself.  I can honestly say I have never been sitting in a resturant and had a mother BFing her baby at the next table but I have walked into a public restroom with my then 5 year old daughter and saw a woman completely exposed feeding her child.  It did catch me off guard but then again you can't complain because she did take it to a private area.  My daughter did ask me what she was doing and I had to explain the baby was eating.  It was no big deal after that, she never brought it up again. 

I fully intended on BFing my first daughter but due to the size my breasts used to be it was not possible.  They were way too large and she could not latch on correctly.  I felt like I was smothering her.  For my second daughter I tried and she couldn't latch on correctly either which made it extremely painful.  I didn't even try with my son.  The other two were bottle fed and are extremely healthy.  Today I have 3 healthy kids with no allergies and they were not breast fed, no big deal. 

As for exposure.  I do find BFing completely natural.  They say there is a time and a place for everything.  There is one problem with this, babies are unaware of this concept.  All they know is when they are hungry they want to eat.  They don't care if you are in the middle of dinner or walking thru a shopping mall, when it's time to eat... it's time to eat.  People get offended too easily now a days.  The general consensus was "if you cover up I have no problem with it."  That's all good and fine.  So if you are sitting at a table next to me and are chewing with your mouth open I am going to ask you to cover your head, it offends me.  Now does this sound fair?  Now if you can breast feed your child discreetly while not having to use a blanket to cover their head, more power to you.  If you have abnormally large breasts and this is not possible, then please cover up. 

This is a very touchy subject.  You will never find a person with the same opinion as you.  Just as this is based soley on opinion.  My opinion.  I don't care if you cover up or not.  While I don't want to see your breasts in a public place it most definately will not make me vomit on your shoes if I do.  What is important here is that the child is being fed and properly cared for unlike thousands of  children who are not.  Think of those poor babies who were left in dumpsters and trash cans to die because a negligent mother couldn't or didn't want to take care of them.  Think of the children if foreign countries who have no food to eat.  That baby that you are frowning upon because they are eating did nothing to you.  So go about your business and let them eat. 

Like I said this is opinion.  And this is a subject no one will ever fully agree on.  So before anyone has anything ugly to say we should all just agree to disagree. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mommy needs a vacation.

Ever spend a solid week stuck in your house with nothing to do?  Ever do that with 3 kids, a dog, and a cat?  Not too much fun. 

Now that school has started again for my oldest daughter I was thinking I would be able to get back to my school work easily with little to no distractions. HA!  Yeah right!  With two little ones running around wild, trying to find a contractor to fix our house, spending the entire morning on the phone speaking with references, insurance companies, and so forth I haven't even had a second to open the web page for my school work.  Sometimes I get mad at myself that I even started it in the first place.  Knowing that I have two little ones at home all day that require a lot of attention.  Sitting at the computer all day makes me feel like I am ignoring them.  But say I went to work everyday, then I wouldn't get to see them at all.  So I guess it does make a little difference that I get to spend those few minutes changing diapers, filling sippy cups, and making breakfast and lunch for them.  Atleast there is a little contact. 

I thought school would make the time go faster while the hubby is deployed.  In all actuality, I haven't the time for it.  Since the car ran into our house I have lost ALL motivation.  I still find myself waking up at 3am in fear that something else is going to happen.  But I have also been using it as an excuse, lol. 

You will come to find that I complain a lot.  I ramble on.  And I argue with myself.  You can call it multiple personalities.  I call it so many thoughts so little time.

And this kiddies... Is why you don't drink and drive.

To make a super long story short this is a picture of a vehicle that ran into my house on November 19, 2010 just before 3am.  The driver fled on foot and reported his vehicle stolen several hours later.  What you cannot see is my husband's 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 in the garage.  It sustained severe damage.

On impact it pushed the Galaxie into the wall connecting to my kitchen pushing the cabinets away from the wall and leaving a gaping hole. 

Luckily my childrens rooms are on the other side of the house and they never heard a thing.  Keep in mind that my husband is deployed and I have had to handle most of the situation on my own, he has handled as much as he possibly can on his end. 

The officer who responded said he could smell alcohol as soon as he opened the door meaning the driver had to have been intoxicated. 

So next time you even think about drinking and driving, remember this picture.  I am thanking my lucky stars that this wasn't on the other end of the house.

This is my definition of "deployment luck."