Monday, January 3, 2011

Mommy needs a vacation.

Ever spend a solid week stuck in your house with nothing to do?  Ever do that with 3 kids, a dog, and a cat?  Not too much fun. 

Now that school has started again for my oldest daughter I was thinking I would be able to get back to my school work easily with little to no distractions. HA!  Yeah right!  With two little ones running around wild, trying to find a contractor to fix our house, spending the entire morning on the phone speaking with references, insurance companies, and so forth I haven't even had a second to open the web page for my school work.  Sometimes I get mad at myself that I even started it in the first place.  Knowing that I have two little ones at home all day that require a lot of attention.  Sitting at the computer all day makes me feel like I am ignoring them.  But say I went to work everyday, then I wouldn't get to see them at all.  So I guess it does make a little difference that I get to spend those few minutes changing diapers, filling sippy cups, and making breakfast and lunch for them.  Atleast there is a little contact. 

I thought school would make the time go faster while the hubby is deployed.  In all actuality, I haven't the time for it.  Since the car ran into our house I have lost ALL motivation.  I still find myself waking up at 3am in fear that something else is going to happen.  But I have also been using it as an excuse, lol. 

You will come to find that I complain a lot.  I ramble on.  And I argue with myself.  You can call it multiple personalities.  I call it so many thoughts so little time.

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