Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To breast feed in public or not... that is the question.

It makes me wonder why this subject is so controversial.  All women have breasts.  All babies need to eat.  We all need to eat.  So why is it not disgusting for people to sit in a public area eating their burgers and it is for a baby to be drinking their milk right from the tap? 

I've gone back and forth with this a few times myself.  I can honestly say I have never been sitting in a resturant and had a mother BFing her baby at the next table but I have walked into a public restroom with my then 5 year old daughter and saw a woman completely exposed feeding her child.  It did catch me off guard but then again you can't complain because she did take it to a private area.  My daughter did ask me what she was doing and I had to explain the baby was eating.  It was no big deal after that, she never brought it up again. 

I fully intended on BFing my first daughter but due to the size my breasts used to be it was not possible.  They were way too large and she could not latch on correctly.  I felt like I was smothering her.  For my second daughter I tried and she couldn't latch on correctly either which made it extremely painful.  I didn't even try with my son.  The other two were bottle fed and are extremely healthy.  Today I have 3 healthy kids with no allergies and they were not breast fed, no big deal. 

As for exposure.  I do find BFing completely natural.  They say there is a time and a place for everything.  There is one problem with this, babies are unaware of this concept.  All they know is when they are hungry they want to eat.  They don't care if you are in the middle of dinner or walking thru a shopping mall, when it's time to eat... it's time to eat.  People get offended too easily now a days.  The general consensus was "if you cover up I have no problem with it."  That's all good and fine.  So if you are sitting at a table next to me and are chewing with your mouth open I am going to ask you to cover your head, it offends me.  Now does this sound fair?  Now if you can breast feed your child discreetly while not having to use a blanket to cover their head, more power to you.  If you have abnormally large breasts and this is not possible, then please cover up. 

This is a very touchy subject.  You will never find a person with the same opinion as you.  Just as this is based soley on opinion.  My opinion.  I don't care if you cover up or not.  While I don't want to see your breasts in a public place it most definately will not make me vomit on your shoes if I do.  What is important here is that the child is being fed and properly cared for unlike thousands of  children who are not.  Think of those poor babies who were left in dumpsters and trash cans to die because a negligent mother couldn't or didn't want to take care of them.  Think of the children if foreign countries who have no food to eat.  That baby that you are frowning upon because they are eating did nothing to you.  So go about your business and let them eat. 

Like I said this is opinion.  And this is a subject no one will ever fully agree on.  So before anyone has anything ugly to say we should all just agree to disagree. 

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